Windshield Service


in Edmonton, Alberta

It starts with a sharp whack on your window. Before you know it, that rock chip you got while trailing a semi out on the Henday has started to spout like summer ivy across your windshield.

When you have a chip or crack on your windshield, every day you wait adds to the hazard. Not only can your visibility be reduced by such damage, but it compromises the structural integrity of the windshield, which lowers the safety rating of your vehicle and can increase the severity of a collision. So when you first recognize a new crack in your windshield, don’t let the problem grow. Skip the temporary booths set up in the hardware store parking lots, and come straight to Mayfield Toyota Scion and the warranty-approved expert repair and replacement technicians you already trust for your express oil changes and Toyota and Scion parts.


At Mayfield Toyota Scion, we do all of our glass repair and replacement services in-house in our Service Department. Whether you are looking to patch up pock marks, replace a window, or fix a cracked or broken mirror, we can help. For some drivers, window and windshield replacements may be covered under your insurance packages, but even if that is not the case, all of our glass services are competitively priced and easily affordable. We are confident that you won’t find a lower price on windshield replacements anywhere else in Edmonton!

Notice a chip or crack in your glass? Schedule an appointment at Mayfield Toyota Scion and we’ll get your vehicle back to normal in no time!