You get your oil changed regularly. You rotate your tires and service your transmission on a regular basis. You never let a summer go before you have your coolant changed. But did you know that your vehicle requires regular service to its paint, trim, rubber, leather and other surfaces as well? An ‘express’ service from your local car wash every now and then isn’t nearly sufficient to maintain your vehicle in top condition.

Harsh elements are attacking and deteriorating your vehicles appearance, thus robbing value from your vehicle. It is essential that your vehicle be routinely serviced by a competent professional detailer.

We offer a number of services to restore and / or maintain your vehicle in like new condition. Can’t be without a vehicle? Our services are performed quickly and conveniently for you; however, we do offer loaner vehicles by appointment and availability.


Dust, dirt, exhaust, and odors are absorbed by your car’s interior surfaces. Eventually, that new car look and smell is gone. Visible soiling and discoloration accumulates on fabric, vinyl, and leather surfaces. To preserve and protect your car’s interior from premature wear and tear, proper interior maintenance and protective conditioning treatments are recommended on an annual basis.

We thoroughly clean the interior, including door panels, dashboard, gauges, vents, visors, steering wheel and column, and center console. Seats are cleaned and the carpets are shampooed include the trunk. If the seats are leather or vinyl, we carefully clean and treat them with conditioners to soften, preserve, and protect.


Trust in our professional detailing specialists to help protect your investment and keep it looking like new. Give your vehicle the extra care and attention it deserves by protecting it against the elements like sun, salt, water and sand.

Our detailing services will enhance your vehicle’s appearance inside and out, as well as help to protect it from the harsh environmental conditions on today’s roads. We offer an extensive variety of professional car detailing services ranging from hand car washes, carpet shampoo, interior detailing, paint and fabric protection, exterior detailing, cut polishing and waxing. We can even create custom packages catered just for you and your vehicle.

We take pride in the way we service your vehicle that’s why we can offer you cleaning and detailing services like no other. Enjoy that new car feeling all over again. You can do more to keep your vehicle in great condition and help safe-guard its value. Contact us now for more information or to book your appointment.


You can book an appointment here on this website, or by calling 780-420-1111. Our staff will be able to help you decide which detailing package is right for you and your vehicle! Please note that all pricing is subject to change at any time, call for latest prices.