AMVIC stands for Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council. AMVIC is a not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to regulate the automotive industry here in Alberta. Automotive businesses and car dealerships are required by law to be licensed by AMVIC. That means Mayfield Toyota adheres to the Consumer Protection Act of Alberta to ensure a fair marketplace exists for automotive consumers and businesses.

Dealers are required to pay a $6.25 levy to AMVIC for every new or used vehicle they sell to a customer. This money is then put towards a consumer compensation fund, as well as an investigative body and educational programs. The applicable date for determining whether a particular transaction is subject to the transaction fee is the date the agreement with the customer was entered into.

Salesperson Registration and Education

Anyone who sells vehicles in Alberta is required by law to be registered with AMVIC. That means that every salesperson on our team must meet certain standards before they are registered. That includes passing a Salesperson Registration Course with a grade of 80 percent or higher. They must also pay a fee for the course and an annual registration fee.

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