Last week, Toyota announced their innovative suite of safety technologies otherwise known as Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) is being revamped! The second-generation TSS will become standard on new models as early as spring 2018 –  and the Camry is believed to be the first vehicle to see the tech!


The updated safety package will include a host of new technologies that will help keep you and your family that much safer on the roads. Plus, it will give you added confidence knowing your vehicle is working to protect against collisions and adverse road conditions at all times.

Toyota Safety Sense has always been rooted in the idea that it shouldn’t cost an arm-and-a-leg to make sure your vehicle is safe. While other manufacturers charge their customers more money to add certain safety features, Toyota’s ongoing effort has always been to lower the cost of these features and make them more accessible for vehicles owners. That’s why TSS comes standard across their entire vehicle line up.

The first-generation TSS includes features like Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Alert (LDA) as well as other advanced safety technologies. By the end of this year, TSS will be standard on almost every vehicle in the Toyota lineup! This new safety bundle will work just like the original TSS did; to prevent frontal collisions, keep drivers focused and centered on the road and make driving at night easier and safer.


Toyota wanted their new safety suite to focus on improving driver situational awareness. That means the updated features will help protect against not just other vehicles, but pedestrians and cyclists too.

  • Pre-Collision System – Toyota has updated the technology to detect impending collisions with pedestrians and cyclists
  • Lane Departure Alert – Toyota has updated the technology with something called “road edge detection” to help  drivers stay in their lane
  • Lane Tracing Assist – New to TSS, this technology will work in tandem with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and provide steering support so drivers stay centered on the road
  • Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control – Toyota has updated the technology to better asses forward acceleration/deceleration performance across more speeds

Toyota is committed to keeping you safe. That means reducing the number of collisions and traffic problems across North America. The second-generation of Toyota Safety Sense is just another step in the right direction to helping Toyota achieve those goals. If you have more questions about Toyota Safety Sense and its features, give us a call +1 (780) 410-1111!