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The 2017 Toyota 86 - Pure Driving Excitement

When Toyota announced that it was absorbing Scion back into the fold, many driving enthusiasts were afraid that they would lose one of the best driving compact sports cars on Earth - the Scion FR-S.

But never fear! For that brilliantly balanced rear-wheel drive coupe has been resurrected as the 2017 Toyota 86! Sporting a new facia and a few powertrain and chassis refinements ensure that this is still the defacto sports coupe! Plus Mayfield Toyota offers a variety of Toyota Racing Development (TRD) performance parts to make your 86 stand out in a crowd.

Keen drivers throughout Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, and St. Albert won’t want to miss the chance to drive the 2017 Toyota 86. So come to Mayfield Toyota for a test drive, as this incredible sports car is all about the experience - not the numbers!

2017 Toyota 86

Increased Performance

The 2017 Toyota 86 might use the same 2.0L Boxer engine as before, but it has a few new tricks up its sleeve! For manual-transmission cars the engine has been tweaked for less pumping loss and an optimized power curve - resulting in 205 horsepower and 158 lb-ft of torque. This engine feels more powerful than the numbers suggest thanks to a shorter 4.30 final drive ratio for faster acceleration. Plus the engine now sports a new red aluminum intake manifold for some visual flair
under the hood!

2017 Toyota 86

Driver-Centric Interior

The 2017 Toyota 86 is all about driving, and the interior makes that perfectly clear the moment you settle in the deeply bolstered cloth seats. The leather-wrapped steering wheel is designed for excellent grip no matter how fast and furious your driving becomes, while the standard 6.1-inch touchscreen offers Bluetooth connectivity so you can keep in the loop even when on the move. Not to mention the 2+2 seating allows you to carry a couple friends, or more likely some racing tires for track days!

2017 Toyota 86

Driving Purity

Everything about the 2017 Toyota 86 has been designed with driving purity in mind. An ultra-low center of gravity stemming from the 86's flat-four engine translates to better braking and steering, as well as an intimate sense of connection to the road. The 6-speed manual transmission is tuned for short, crisp throws while the 6-speed automatic offers paddle shifters for greater control over the engine. And for 2017, the VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) now offers a Full-Off mode for expert drivers to extract every ounce of performance out of their 86’s.

2017 Toyota 86

Parts & Accessories

The Toyota 86 was also designed with customization in mind, which is why there’s a long list of TRD performance parts and visual upgrades. Everything from performance exhausts and stiffer sway bars to front splitters and rear spoilers are available here at Mayfield Toyota. Order Your Parts today to take advantage of our excellent prices!