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Paint Protection Film

Protect Your Vehicle from Rock Chips and other Road Hazards

Protect your car from rock chips. Your hood, fender, mirrors and bumper are the areas most prone to road damage. A clear layer of PPF will protect these areas from rocks, stones, grit and other road debris. A-Pillars, roof lines, rocker panel, fender flares and trunk areas can be protected too.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is a clear layer of urethane film. It comes as computer cut kits to specifically fit your make and model of car or truck. It's nearly invisible and forms a tough protective barrier keeping rocks, sand and bugs from directly impacting and damaging the painted surface.

Protect your New Car or Truck

Paint protection film will keep the front of your vehicle, those areas that constantly get chipped by rocks, looking like new. The film is removable, so when you go to resell your car, it will look great and retain a higher resale value.

Professionally installed

Our Installers are professionally trained and certified with more than 20 years combined experience to make sure your install is done right the first time.

You can book an appointment here on this website, or by calling 780-420-1111. Our staff will be able to help you decide which detailing package is right for you and your vehicle!

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