Mayfield Aeroplan

Earn Aeroplan Miles with Mayfield Toyota!

With Mayfield Toyota, you automatically earn Aeroplan Miles when you service your vehicle with or buy parts from our Service Centre! And you also earn Aeroplan Miles when you test-drive or purchase a vehicle with us!

Get Aeroplan Miles when You Service or Buy Parts

Here's how it works: you earn 1 Aeroplan Mile per every $2.00 you spend on servicing or parts, just so long as the transaction generates a repair order with us. Mayfield Toyota servicing AND labour qualify for the offer, and so do customer-paid purchases for parts or accessories*. 

The more you spend with Mayfield Toyota, the more points you earn in return. 

Booking appointments has never been easier. Call to book a service appointment at 780-483-2121 or book it online

*Prepaid services as a part of an ECP contract; internal-pay; and also warranties do not qualify. The points are awarded with pre-tax amounts and then credited within 30 days to the Aeroplan member's account.

Get Aeroplan Miles when You Take a Test Drive

You earn 250 miles when you test-drive a new Toyota or Scion with us!*

*One test drive for each customer, each 30 days, with a maximum of three test drives for each customer, each calendar year. Customer must be the test driver and be already on Aeroplan prior to the transaction. The points are awarded with pre-tax amounts and then credited within 30 days to the Aeroplan member's account.

Get Aeroplan Miles with Your Vehicle Purchase

You'll earn a minimum 5,000 miles when you purchase a new Toyota or Scion from Mayfield Toyota and up to 50,000 miles!* Cash purchase, finance or lease of a new Toyota or Scion from Mayfield Toyota qualifies for points**. 

*Sequoia with MSRP of $60,000 or more

**Points are awarded with pre-tax amounts and credited within 30 days after delivery.

What are all the Program Rules?

  • The customer must be an Aeroplan member prior to the completion of the transaction. The member can join in the spot. 
  • Pre-owned Toyota and pre-owned Scion vehicle purchases are not eligible for Aeroplan miles. 
  • Fleet purchases are not eligible to participate. 
  • Offer applies to paid purchases and services provided by Canadian authorized Toyota dealers only. 
  • Offers cannot be retroactively applied to transactions completed before the start of the program (December 15, 2015). 
  • Offers are subject to change without notice and are valid in Canada only. 
  • Miles are awarded on pre-tax amounts only and will be credited to the Aeroplan member's account within 30 days after delivery on the purchase or lease or financing of a qualifying Toyota/Scion vehicle; within 30 days after service with a participating Canadian Toyota Service Department, or the purchase of Toyota parts and/or accessories from a participating Canadian Toyota Parts Department; and within 30 days after a test drive. 
  • For Test Drive, each member requesting a mileage credit must complete a test drive to the dealer's satisfaction. 
  • For a sale, the earning member and the vehicle registrant must be from the same household. For vehicles registered in a business name, the earning member must be the person signing the bill of sale.